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19 October 2007 @ 08:07 am
omg a nejihana comm *_*  



HAY. My name is Kym, and I am OBSESSED with the Hyuuga clan. Particularly one lil' Hyuuga chica who has little canon background. *_*;; And second to that is a certain former destiny-spouting sexybutt. SO GUESS WHAT MY FAVORITE PAAAAIRING IS~~~

...Actually, I like HinaNejiHana. XDDDD But I brought artsies for both! Warning, though, I am not one with the pencil. D; XD;;

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HOKAY. So, this is, like, old as hell. XD And I don't have a scanner either, so please forgive the blurriness, I had to take it with a camera. :<

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I like this one much better. =D~! I still suck XD But I like how the older!Hanabi turned out. ^_^

Alas, I have no camera anymore, otherwise I would draw more and post it. DDD;
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