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29 January 2007 @ 11:25 am
Fanfic update  
Chapter 2 of Lingering Glances is posted (or click here for chapter 1).

“There isn’t another who has received such thick Hyuuga blood…watch closely, Hanabi.” Never did I know at the age of 7 how those words would form the path that my feet would inevitably choose to follow.


I was the talented one. I was the one Father chose to focus on for training. He was strict, it was difficult, but I loved it. I loved my sister, but I was also happy in my place. I felt like I was meant for this role, for this challenge, for the recognition in so many ways that she wasn’t; and the fact that I was the younger sister made it all the more worth it. I felt bad that it meant my sister was ostracized by our father, but then I was also 7, and seven-year-olds don’t tend to look too far outside themselves for long periods of time. Well, at least I didn’t. I was too focused on Father’s strict training.

And then things changed.

After the chuunin exams, Father began to train Neji-onii-san. Which meant less time with and focus on me, two things I had grown accustomed to. And so while Hinata-onee-san was able to look upon this patched relationship in a positive light, I think it was only natural for me to begin to view Neji-onii-san as competition.

Another difference he made was despite previous plans otherwise, I was to be enrolled into the academy at the start of the next year. I suspect with more than one potential heir now, it was no longer necessary to ensure that I wouldn’t be putting my life at risk on missions for Konoha. As long as there were at least two of us. Maybe there were even three now that my older sister had shown improvement.

Whatever the political reasoning behind it, I was taken out of the shelter of the Main House and flung into the outside world, and no longer having the privilege of my father’s constant tutelage, I had to learn to fly on my own.

I still was able to train with my father sparingly during the week, for a few short hours after I returned home from the academy in the late afternoon. But it lacked the intensity and clear line to leadership of the clan it once had. To try to keep going in that direction, I ruthlessly practiced on my own during my unoccupied waking hours. Because of my prior private training, I breezed through the academy and graduated at the age of 10. But as a result of my dedication to practicing on my own and attempt at early graduation, I am also to blame for my sense of isolation during that time and even into my assignment to my 3-man cell group.

But by then, I had already set my sights on becoming a part of ANBU. It wouldn’t happen until after I had attained the level of chuunin, which would be two years later. But he had already been a jounin since around the time I graduated from the academy, and I had a lot of catching up to do.

I realize now that I was a bit hard on myself to think I should be, at the same time, at the same level as the one who had most inherited the Hyuuga ability when he was 6 years my senior. I guess I just thought since I could be more skilled than my older sister, the same could apply with my cousin if I just worked hard enough. Up to a point, I was able to progress further at a younger age than he with the advantage of growing up with my father’s training, and yet he was able to figure out and master my father’s moves with no one training him at all; and afterward he received more training from Father on top of that little fact. It was infuriating.
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